• Theatre review: How to be a Modern Marvel®?


    Et un autre article ici, toujours sur la création en anglais de la traduction de Prodiges®, How to be a Modern Marvel®?, publié dans le Scotsman et relayé sur le site du festival d'Edimbourg.


    Theatre review: How to be a Modern Marvel®?

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    Edinburgh Fringe Scotsman review: How to be a Modern Marvel® at Institut français d’Ecosse (Venue 134), reviewed by Claire Smith


    Three elegantly dressed 1960s-style women with brightly coloured synthetic outfits and weird bobbed hair welcome us into a room.

    We are invited to sit, relax, prepare, breathe gently and enjoy a presentation which will change our lives. This is in the style of an etiquette lesson or marketing event, but it it is not entirely clear what is being sold.

    This style of absurdist theatre is rarely seen on the Fringe, so it takes a while for the audience to recognise that confusion is the name of the game. The three women, while ultra-charming, are very sure of themselves, but the nature of the product, service or belief system on offer is kept deliberately vague.

    It can be hard to make out some of the words, which are delivered in very strongly French-accented English. But the performers display great control and their presentation is genuinely disconcerting.

    Eventually the piece reveals itself as a radical satire on the emptiness of materialism.

    After messing pleasantly with our heads for an hour these charming ladies hand round glasses of wine and politely offer to discuss their work.

    MORE INFO: How to be a Modern Marvel® at Institut français d’Ecosse(Venue 134),until 26 August

    Originally published in The Scotsman



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