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    Un article sur The stage.co.uk

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    Les articles de presse commencent à arriver concernant la création en anglais de How to be a Modern Marvel®? (traduction de Prodiges® par Katherine Mendelsohn), par Matthieu Roy et les comédiennes Caroline Maydat, Aurore Déon et Johanna Silberstein.Le lien vers l'article original ici.

    Institut francais d'Ecosse

    Theatre Reviewed by Thom Dibdin

    Designed to be performed wherever you could hold a Tupperware Party, Mariette Nararro's sparkling script, translated from the French by Katherine Mendelsohn, draws direct lines between the lives of professional women in their thirties now, and the lives their grandmothers' generation in the 50s and 60s.


    Seated around tables, the audience's presence is clearly at the invitation of the immaculately clad and coiffured actresses. With a hypnotic, singsong delivery, that forces the stress onto the latter syllables of the words, this has the feel of a cultish initiation. The immersion is into a secret society, a new world where the promised possibilities seem too good to be true.


    There is real care about every aspect of the production. Caroline Maydat as the Manageress calm is in control, self assured, focussed, at ease, Aurore Deon is purposeful as the Franchisee, and Johanna Silberstein is hesitant and unsure of herself as the Trainee.


    Under Matthieu Roy's concise direction every move, every moment of eye-contact with the audience counts towards keeping the immersion believable. The stories of women's lives, based on the lives of the mothers and grandmothers of the actresses, are woven into the narrative of the sales pitch with ease. Perfect.

    Published online
    August 16, 2013
    Review by
    Thom Dibdin
    Produced by
    Cie du Veilleur
    Mariette Nararro
    Matthieu Roy
    Katherine Mendelsohn
    Running until
    August 26, 2013
    Running time
    55 minutes
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    Caroline Maydat
    Aurore Deon
    Johanna Silberstein


    Mariette Nararro
    Matthieu Roy
    Katherine Mendelsohn
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